OSI Board of Directors

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The Open Source Initiative is overseen and managed by a nine-person Board of Directors. The current Board comprises the following individuals (in alphabetical order):

The OSI Board of Directors
Name Roles/offices Elected Term Ends
Asay, Matt March 2006
Coar, Ken Membership chair, Vice president August 2004 March 2008
Cooper, Danese Secretary, Treasurer December 2001 March 2008
de Souza, Bruno March 2006
Ghosh, Rishab Aiyer March 2005 March 2007
Ito, Joichi March 2005
Nelson, Russell Licence Approval chair August 1998 March 2008
Tiemann, Michael President, fundraising chair January 2001
Weerawarana, Sanjiva March 2005 March 2007

The Board is advised by observers and counsel. All of these read and may contribute to the Board's email discussions.

The OSI Board of Advisors and Observers
Name Appointed Affiliation Role
Radcliffe, Mark March 2005 DLA Piper General counsel
Majerus, Laura March 2005 Fenwick & West Director of legal affairs, Licence Proliferation Committee chair
Axmark, David March 2006 MySQL Board observer
Heinz, Federico March 2006 FSF Latin America Board Observer
Prabhakar, Ernie March 2006 Apple Computer Board observer
Raymond, Eric March 2005 Thyrsus Enterprises Board observer, President Emeritus