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*List of Recommended Reading

*The Case for Open Source: For Business

*The Case for Open Source: For Customers

*The Case for Open Source: For Hackers

*Case Studies and Press Coverage

*Frequently Asked Questions

*Jobs for Hackers: Yes, You Can Eat Open Source

*Software Secrets: Do They Help or Hurt?

*Why "Free Software" Is Too Ambiguous

*Shared Source: A Dangerous Virus

Recommended Reading

  • Open Source Citizenship
  • Technology trends that will affect your business and how you do business.
  • Shared Source: A Dangerous Virus
  • Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!
  • A Business Case Study of Open Source Software
  • Our own Halloween Documents. Where will Microsoft try to drag you today? Do you really want to go there?
  • Yahoo! and FreeBSD: a co-founder of Yahoo! explains why they gave up on closed Internet platforms and made Yahoo! a success with FreeBSD.

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