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Policy Statements:
License Proliferation

 .:: OSD change log ::.
*1.0 identical to DFSG, except for addition of MPL and QPL to clause 10.
*1.1 added LGPL to clause 10.
*1.2 added public-domain to clause 10.
*1.3 retitled clause 10 and split off the license list, adding material on procedures.
*1.4 Now explicit about source code requirement for PD software.
*1.5 allow "reasonable reproduction cost" to meet GPL terms.
*1.6 Edited section 10; this material has moved.
*1.7 Section 10 replaced with new "Conformance" section.
*1.8 Section 1: replaced "may not" with "shall not".
*1.9 Section 9: removed rationale referring to the action of the GPL as Contaminat[ion].
* Section 10 added.
* Site History
 .:: Conformance to the OSD ::.

(This section is not part of the Open Source Definition.)

We think the Open Source Definition captures what the great majority of the software community originally meant, and still mean, by the term "Open Source". However, the term has become widely used and its meaning has lost some precision. The OSI Certified mark is OSI's way of certifying that the license under which the software is distributed conforms to the OSD; the generic term "Open Source" cannot provide that assurance, but we still encourage use of the term "Open Source" to mean conformance to the OSD. For information about the OSI Certified mark, and for a list of licenses that OSI has approved as conforming to the OSD, see the OSD Certification Mark page.

SourceForge.net CVS Repository - directory - cvs: javaspider (Feb 11, 2006 19:27)

phpXplorer (Feb 11, 2006 19:21)
another one with nice interface

[PDF] FreeSoftMag: Convincing management to approve free software (Feb 11, 2006 19:21)
Convincing management to approve free software

...:::: PHP File Manager (Feb 11, 2006 19:18)
features look very complete from screen shot

Rachota (Feb 11, 2006 19:17)
Rachota is a small application for those who work with computers on a daily basis and are curious ho..

GpsDrive - GPS navigation for Linux (Feb 11, 2006 19:14)

O'Reilly -- The Architecture of Participation (Feb 11, 2006 19:13)
The Architecture of Participation

sFM | Simple File Manager (Feb 11, 2006 19:12)
simple, look dated

file manager (Feb 11, 2006 19:11)

PlaneShift - A 3D Fantasy MMORPG (Feb 11, 2006 19:09)

Mark/Logo Instructions:

The Marks

You can find the 'Open Source' marks here, and the 'OSI Certified' marks here.

Here's a really cool button for your webpage:

HTML Usage

We insist and ask that you link to the images of your choice instead of saving it on your own server.

Please follow this example:

<a href="http://www.opensource.org/docs/definition.php"> <img src="http://www.opensource.org/trademarks/opensource/web/opensource-110x95.png" border="0" width="110" height="95"></a>

Please pay special attention to the height & width variables. They are included in the image name.

Print Color Guide

A Color Guide for printing the "Open Source" and "OSI Certified" marks can be found here.

Thank you.

The Open Source Definition spells out the essential qualities of open source software. Unfortunately, the term "open source" itself is subject to misuse, and because it's descriptive, it can't be protected as a trademark (which would have been our first choice). Since the community needs a reliable way of knowing whether a piece of software really is open source, OSI is registering a certification mark, OSI Certified, for this purpose. OSI has also created a graphic certification mark, osi-certified-120x100.png , that can be used instead of the text certification mark. If you see either of these marks on a piece of software, the software is being distributed under a license that conforms to the Open Source Definition. Use of these marks for software that is not distributed under an OSI approved license is an infringement of OSI's certification marks and is against the law.

The OSI Certified mark or the graphic osi-certified-120x100.png

  • OSI maintains a list of open source licenses that conform to the Open Source Definition, have been through public scrutiny, and have been approved by us. If you have a license that you would like added to this list, please contact [email protected], which starts the process described here.
  • If you want to use the OSI Certified mark on your software, you can do this by distributing the software with an approved license from the list and marking the software appropriately, as described here.

The above was just a summary. Here are the details on getting licenses approved, and on using the OSI Certified mark on your software.

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Technical questions about the website go to Steve M.: steve at fooworks.com / Policy questions about open source go to the Board of Directors.

The contents of this website are licensed under the Open Software License 2.1 or Academic Free License 2.1

OSI is a registered non-profit with 501(c)(3) status. Contact our Board for further donation information.

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