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 .:: OSI News - Apr 11 2005 ::.
  • OSI Statement on License Proliferation
  • Open Source Initiative (OSI) Announces New Interim President, OSI To Elect Additional Board Members, Address Contemporary Licensing Issues
  • Author of Linux Patent Study Says Ballmer Got It Wrong
  • New "open source" button graphic
  • Apple is Depending on Open Source for Security
  • The Governator Needs Open Source to Run California
  • UK Advertising Standards Body Tells MS to "Get the Facts"

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    Linux Weekly News (LWN)

    Site History

    • Open Source Initiative (OSI) Announces New Interim President, OSI To Elect Additional Board Members, Address Contemporary Licensing Issues
    • Computer Associates Trusted Open Source License 1.1 added.
    • Jan 31, 2005: OSI expansion PR, corresponding change to Board page.
    • Jan 17, 2005: Addition of Adaptive Public License, Common Development and Distribution License & Educational Community License.
    • July 06, 2004: General update of some propaganda pages dating from 1998.
    • Jun 02, 2004: Completed the addition of the Nasa Open Source Agreement, Eclipse Public License, and updated Academic Free License & Open Software License. Updated website license to reflect new versions of later mentioned licenses.
    • May 05, 2004: Added a series of links to the Site History page around the site.
    • Feb 23,2004: Added Apache License, Version 2.0, CUA Office Public License Version 1.0, EU DataGrid Software License, Fair License, and Lucent Public License Version 1.02
    • Nov 12, 2003: Added Jon Udell's Open Source Citizenship paper to "Recommended Reading"
    • Sept 30, 2003 Frameworx License added to Approved Licenses list.
    • Sept 3, 2003 Academic Free License v 2.0, Apple Public Source License v 2.0, Open Software License v 2.0 & PHP License v 3.0 approved.
    • Aug 2003, Eric and Rob added Halloween IX.
    • July & July 22, added Open Source Awards announcement to front page (while at OSCON) & lifted the vail on the Open Source Awards web.
    • Added Your Open Source Plan to The Case for Business page.
    • June 2003 Entessa Public License & Plan 9 Open Source License approved and added to licenses list.
    • Feb 5/03 Translations of the OSD removed from the site. Unfortunately, there was no concrete way to do good translations & it was thought best to leave it to the authoratative English Version.
    • Added the Eiffel Forum License V2.0 , The NauSite Public License , The Historical Permission Notice and Disclaim er, The RealNetworks Public Source License V1.0 & The Reciprocal Public License
    • Jan 2, 2003: Halloween VIII posted.
    • Nov 13, 2002: Sybase Open Watcom Public License 1.0 added to license list.
    • Nov 9, 2002: Section 10 added to the Open Source Definition.
    • Nov 9, 2002: The The OCLC Research Public License 1.0 and the wxWindows Library License are added to the site. The Academic and Open Software licenses are updated to version 1.2 & 1.1 respectively.
    • Nov 7, 2002: A new white paper on the dangers of Microsoft's "shared source" program.
    • Nov 6, 2002: The latest Halloween Document "Survey Says!", Halloween Document VII, is added to the site.
    • Sept 2002: The Open Software Licenses is approved. Turkish OSD translation also added.
    • Aug 2002: The Attribution Assurance License is approved and added to he site.
    • July 2002: The Academic Free License added to the OSI approved license list.
    • July 2002: Google search added.
    • June 2002: OSI launch of the OSI trademarks
    • 11 Feb 2002: Chip Salzenberg leaves the OSI for other interests and Danese Cooper joins the board.
    • 11 Feb 2002: The Zope Publice License added to the "approved" license list.
    • 17 Dec 2001 - 11 Feb 2002: Russian, Serbo-Croat, Spanixh, Tamil, French, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, German, Norwegian and Ukranian translations of the OSD are added to the site.
    • 17 December 2001: Indonesian, Italian & Dutch translations of the OSD added to the site.
    • 14 December 2001: Chinese, Romanian & Portuguese translations of the OSD added to the site.
    • 10 December 2001: Danish and Polish translations of the OSD added to the site.
    • 30 November 2001: The Python Software Foundation License is added to the offical list of approved licenses.
    • 5 November 2001: An OSI 'announcements' list is established to keep subscribers abreast of OSI actions.
    • 4 November 2001: The W3C, Motosoto & Open Group Test Suite Licenses are added to the OSI list of approved licenses.
    • 11 October 2001: Michael Tiemann's speech on the topic of 'shared-source' being a deception added to the OSI documents section.
    • 09 October 2001: OSI letter of comment on W3C's proposed RAND policy added.
    • 20 September 2001: Approval of supplimentary clause '8' for Artistic License added to the Artistic License.
    • 20 September 2001: X.Net License, Sun Public License, and Eiffel Forum License added to the offical approved licenses list.
    • 12 September 2001: Updated links on the '/advocacy/case_studies.php' page.
    • 7 September 2001: Added 'Quick Faq' section to the Certification Mark page.
    • 7 September 2001: Note added to Halloween docs regarding deadlinks therein.
    • 3 Septempber 2001: Adjusted links for 'where to find open-source software' section of Open-Source Case for Hackers page.

    • 31 August 2001: The deadlink for D. Marti's Linuxmanship essay fixed on the 'case for hackers' page.

    • 31 August 2001: Some dead links replaced with good ones on 'case for business' page.

    • 28 August 2001: Sponsoring Organizations list update to reflect current contributors.

    • 27 August 2001: The Advocacy FAQ is added to the mail archive.

    • 24 August 2001: Crynwr (email list host for OSI) adds footer msg on license-discuss list email to draw attention to the mail archive.

    • 21 August 2001: Former y2k reference page removed as were links to dead mirror sites.

    • 20 August 2001: GPL & LGPL updated with "How To Apply These Terms..." sections.

    • 19 August 2001: Reference to mail archive added to opensource front page.
    • 17 & 18 August 2001: Common Public License and Apple Public Source License are added to approved license list.

    • 15 August 2001: Steve Mallett becomes the new OSI webmaster.

    • 8 August 2001: Linux Weekly News runs OSI's obituary, perhaps just a tad premature.

    • 19 July 1999: Dataquest predicts that Linux will take 25% of the worldwide server-appliance market by 2003.

    • 7 July 1999: Major reorganization of the site, with a new certification page.

    • 16 Jun 1999: OSI Certified Open Source mark announced.

    • 16 Jun 1999: Site reorganized. Halloween Documents have been moved to their own subdirectory; so have the conforming licenses.

    • 7 May 1999: Added The Practical Manager's Guide to Linux to the cases page.

    • 4 May 1999: Kleiner Perkins invests in Linux. From now on, nobody will be fired for deploying Linux....

    • 3 May 1999: Updated Board page. New daily transfer record at Walnut Creek CDROM

    • 18 Jan 1999: Added Jeff Prothero's The Last Dinosaur and the Tarpits of Doom: How Linux Smashed Windows to the cases page.

    • 18 Dec 1998: Added a FAQ entry on where to get open-source usage statistics. Also added a section on the open-source case for entrepreneurs.

    • 8 Dec 1998: Sun Microsystems announces Linux on UltraSparcs and announces that Solaris will get Linux binary compatibility.

    • 25 Nov 1998: Open Letter to AOL published.

    • 22 Nov 1998: Launch of the Open Source Initiative.

    • 4 Nov 1998: Added the Halloween II document.

    • 1 Nov 1998: Added the Halloween I document.

    • 15 Sep 1998: Added the sound bytes item to the FAQ page, and more to the FAQ item on trademark usage.

    • 2 Aug 1998: Added Eric Rauch's plot of `open source' hits over time in the Lexis/Nexis database to the history page.

    • 1 Aug 1998: Added security item to FAQ.

    • 29 July 1998: The Forbes article is out.

    • 21 July 1998: Added the timeline to the history page.

    • 15 July 1998: Added the InterJet entry to the products page.

    • 25 June 1998: Added many items, including the Datapro market study, the IBM Apache announcement, and John Kirch's devastating white paper on NT vs. Unix.

    • 3 May 1998: Added Cobalt Microserver, Inc. to the products page.

    • 27 May 1998: Added `Are you guys opposed to intellectual property rights?' item to the FAQ.

    • 15 May 1998: Added the ``Yahoo and FreeBSD'' case study to the cases page.

    • 7 May 1998: Corel joins the good guys on the products page.

    • 28 April 1998: Complete visual redesign by treefrog <[email protected]>. Also, added new material to the press coverage list.

    • 26 Apr 1998: Added C2Net entry to products page.

    • 19 Apr 1998: Added a page on closed sources and the Y2K problem.

    • 2 Apr 1998: Added Riverace to the products page.

    • 1 Apr 1998: Paragraph on legal entanglements from Jerry Fass <[email protected]>.

    • 30 Mar 1998: Added Walnut Creek to the products list.

    • 23 Mar 1998: Added a fourth successful business model and the German translation of the OSD and rationale.

    • 13 Mar 1998: added a link to the Open Design Circuits proposal.

    • 12 Mar 1998: Added the United Railway Signal Group case study.

    • 1 Mar 1998: Andrew Cervin-Lawry pointed out that the bazaar mode of software resembles the way Japanese consumer-electronics companies have traditionally done product development.

    • 27 Feb 1998: Extended discussion of trade secrets vs. open source; when to choose one over the other. Thanks to Reinoud Lamberts <[email protected]> for challenging us to treat this issue more deeply.

    • 26 Feb 1998: Added discussion of open-source incentives for companies that are customers of their own developers.

    • 25 Feb 1998: Added Cyclades, Inc. to the products page.

    • 24 Feb 1998: Total rewrite and expansion of site by Eric S. Raymond.

    • Mid-February 1998: Site brought up by Bruce Perens.

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