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*Halloween I: Open Source Software (New?) Development Methodology

*Halloween II: Linux OS Competitive Analysis: The Next Java VM?

*Halloween III: Microsoft's reaction on the "Halloween Memorandum" (sic)

*Halloween IV: When Software Things Were Rotten: Vinod Vallopillil's boss calls us "Robin Hood and his merry band." We return the compliment.

*Halloween V: The FUD Begins!: The Sheriff of Nottingham rides again. In this exciting episode, the things he doesn't say are more interesting than the things he does.

*Halloween VI: The Fatal Anniversary: First Mindcraft, now the Gartner Group; Microsoft leaves a trail of shattered credibility behind it.

*Halloween VII: Survey Says!: Microsoft's own marketing research tells it that the FUD is backfiring.

*Halloween VIII: Doing the Damage-Control Dance: Microsoft tries to develop an emergency-response team to cope with Linux conversion announcements.

*Halloween IX: It Ain't Necessarily SCO: A point-by-point rebuttal of the amended complaint filed against IBM on 16 June 2003 by Microsoft's new favorite sock puppet.

*Halloween X: Follow The Money: In which we learn the extent of SCO's sock-puppet relationship to its masters in Redmond.

*Halloween XI: Get The FUD: in which we consider the implications of Microsoft's laughably misnamed Get The Facts roadshow.

*Before emailing or phoning me with a question about these documents, please read the Halloween Documents Frequently-Asked Questions.

*Links to press coverage

Halloween Document Links

Links to press coverage

Halloween I

  • The New York Times
  • San Jose Mercury
  • PC Week
  • TechWeb
  • C|Net
  • C|Net (again)
  • C|Net (yet again)
  • InfoWorld
  • The Register
  • Wired News
  • The Industry Standard
  • LinuxWorld
  • DaveNet
  • Salon Magazine
  • Reuters
  • The Guardian
  • CNN

Unfortunately, the stories from the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post seem to be no longer available.

Halloween II

Other followup coverage

  • C|Net
  • Christian Science Monitor

In other articles: the backgrounds of the contributors to Halloween I have been investigated; Robert Brown has written a witty commentary on the Halloween I memorandum; and Tim O'Reilly has responded with an open letter to Microsoft.


  • Halloween I in Spanish
  • Halloween II in Spanish
  • Halloween III in Spanish
  • Halloween I in Japanese
  • Halloween II in Japanese
  • Halloween III in Japanese
  • Halloween I in Italian
  • Halloween II in Italian
  • Halloween III in Italian
  • The Halloween Documents in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions
  • The Halloween Documents in German

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