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Re: RES: RES: Hibernate key colmun problem

Subject: Re: RES: RES: Hibernate key colmun problem
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 12:00:40 -0700 (PDT)
--- Flávio H Suguimoto Leite
<[email protected]> wrote:
> But XD2 at codehaus is the same team, same community
> or is other team
> and other community?
Partially.  XD2 was developed mostly Ara & Aslak,  and
I also came over somewhere in 2003. XD2 has pretty
different architecture - small core based on qdox /
generama ( really not a lot of code there ) and 
plugins. ( where all the real work goes on ) 
XD2 plugins have  choice of templating engine - 
you can use jelly, velocity or freemarker. There is
also test infrastructure whicl allows test-driven
development of plugins.
As of 2003 all active commiters of XD1 were added to
xdoclet-plugins project on sourceforge, but not that
many followed the call. 
Meanwhile new commiters for XD1 codebase were
acecpted, and they continue to hammer out releases in
> I read about and see at sourceforge xdoclet a 2.0
> version in
> development.
You mean meaasge under "current status"? This one is
pretty outdated ( though points to right direction -
to codehaus )  XDoclet 2 is released in version 2.0.3
, and plugins reached 1.0.1
You can get bundle from SF project page ( contains
everything necessary )
> I read the two team page and it's different team.
> Are someone cloning
> someone?
There is intersection in a team, and there are new
commiter approved in meanwhile. People at XD2 / XD2
plugins come mostly from codehaus mob....
But core team is the same which started original XD1 
back in 2001. 
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