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Clean URLs failing on form post

Subject: Clean URLs failing on form post
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 12:52:35 +1100
Hi there,
I found the recent discussion on the mailing list about clean URLs
seemingly failing to find the right event handler when a form is POSTed,
and saw a variety of solutions to creating the URL oneself.
After trying to debug the same issue myself, I think the reason for this
behaviour is tied up in Tomcat bug 32424 (see
My web app is set up with DynamicMappingFilter applied to /*.
I have a WEB directory structure like this:
I have an action bean annotated like this:
There is a list event, new event and save event:
        public Resolution list() throws SchedulerException {
                s_log.debug("in list()");
                return new ForwardResolution("/jobs/list.jsp");
        public Resolution newJob() throws SchedulerException {
                s_log.debug("in newJob()");
                return new ForwardResolution("/jobs/edit.jsp");
        public Resolution saveJob() throws SchedulerException {
                return new RedirectResolution(JobAction.class,
"edit").addParameter("fullName", this.jobDetail.getFullName());
In edit.jsp, I have a form like this:
   <stripes:form name="jobEdit" id="jobEditForm"
       [form fields]
       <stripes:submit name="save" value="Save" />
What happens is that when the page is rendered, I get HTML like:
        <form id="jobEditForm" name="jobEdit" action="/contextPath/jobs"
The important thing to note here is that /contextPath/jobs resolves to a
folder -- the one that contains edit.jsp and possibly other resources.
Ostensibly, DynamicMappingFilter caters for such things because it waits
until the request 404's before handling it. And when a link is
constructed or a form submitted using GET, everything is just fine.
The problem is that Tomcat, as per the bug above, sees that
/contextPath/jobs is a folder early in the processing of the POSTed form
and issues a redirect to /contextPath/jobs/. This happens means all the
POST data is dropped and a GET request to /contextPath/jobs/ with no
extra parameters is issued.
Hence, Stripes will complain with errors like "No default handler could
be found for ActionBean", or just show the default handler for that
action bean (in my case, if I uncommented the @DefaultHandler
annotation, I would always see the job list).
I think that this is why fixes proposed in the recent thread that
involved creating the URL differently would end up working -- in the
end, those URLs would be terminated with a slash, or at least would not
end up looking like a known directory to Tomcat. Other web containers
may do the same thing.
So a potential fix for Stripes to work around the fact that Tomcat devs
consider this "not a bug" is to have the form tag pop a / at the end of
beanclass based URLs when the method is POST (?).
My workaround is to make my URL patterns not overlap with actual folders
-- changing jobs to job in @UrlBinding("/job/{$event}/{fullName}") --
means that the post URL is /contextPath/job, and Tomcat doesn't mess
with it.
I hope this helps someone avoid spending their morning trying to figure
out why their by-the-book clean URL is not working!
Kind regards,
William Rose
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