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Flashscope longevity

Subject: Flashscope longevity
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 10:17:57 -0700
Greetings from Struts usergroup,
I got a question on Stripes implementation of Flashscope. What happens
if a user manually reloads a result page, that reads data from Flash
scope? Or navigates back and then forward? As I understand, a
two-minute timeout applies only to orphaned flashscope, so a
non-orphaned flashscope is removed immediately. In this case a
manually reloaded page will contain no data. Is this considered
acceptable? Does Flash scope assume that users do not use browser
navigation buttons?
I am a Struts committer and I just have implemented Flashscope for
Struts, now I am looking at my test app and I am thinking, does it
have any sense in a real-world application?
To prevent losing information or reload I save flashscope into the
session not only before redirecting from submit page to output page,
but also when output page is being rendered. This way I do not get
empty page when a user keep refreshing the page. But if he navigates
outside this page and then comes back, the data is gone. Now I am
thinking is this good enough or should I implement a timeout, like for
Stripes orphaned flashscopes.
What is Stripes' users/devs take on that?
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