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Multipart form-data and multi-byte character problem

Subject: Multipart form-data and multi-byte character problem
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 04:42:35 +0900
I am using Stripes for these two weeks and really like it.
Thank you, Tim!
I encountered a trouble when using a form including both <stripes:file>
and <stripes:text>.
When Japanese characters are set in the text fields, these characters
are broken when they appear in the ActionBean. I think this is the case
for other multi-byte languages, too.
This seems to be because StripesRequestWrapper assumes no encoding is
set to the HttpServletRequest.
In line 110 of net.sourceforge.stripes.controller.StripesRequestWrapper,
  this.multipart = new MultipartRequest(request, pathToTempDir,
Just changing this line to
  this.multipart = new MultipartRequest(request, pathToTempDir,
    maxTotalPostSize, request.getCharacterEncoding());
should fix this problem.
I really appreciate if you could have time to check time problem.
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