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RE: JAX-RS and JSon

Subject: RE: JAX-RS and JSon
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 15:14:04 +0200
Hi Micky,
In 2.0 M5, a new JAXB converter was contributed (related to Restlet's
Converter Service). It should be automatically leveraged by the JAX-RS
extension if the org.restlet.ext.jaxb JAR is in the classpath. You might
also choose to leverage XStream support for JSON.
Let us know exactly what you want to achieve. A small illustrative
application would be useful for debugging if needed.
Best regards,
Jerome Louvel
Restlet ~ Founder and Lead developer ~
Noelios Technologies ~ Co-founderÂ~
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ObjetÂ: RE: JAX-RS and JSon
Hey guys, where are we on this?  I am dealing with the same issue.  I am
using the extjs javascript framework, and heavy on the JSON.  So I would
love to be able to POST/PUT Json.
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