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Multitenant, EncryptionKey

Subject: Multitenant, EncryptionKey
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 23:11:50 +0200
I am migrating from a r10.4 codebase towards the trunk.
I do have a running and working Multi-Tenant setup in r10.4 base and was
always able to load data using the following command line:
java -jar ofbiz.jar -install -readers=seed -delegator=default#DCS
Now, when I run this on the trunk codebase, I do get the following error
---- exception report
Failure in findOne operation for entity [TenantKeyEncryptingKey]:
org.ofbiz.entity.GenericModelException: [GenericDelegator.findOne] Passed
primary key is not a valid primary key:
Rolling back transaction.
I checked the table tenant_key_encryption_key on the database and it is
Now I do have the following questions:
(1) Why is the data load now attempting to lookup the Tenant's
EncryptionKey? I do assume this is in order to allow for encrypted
passwords on the TenantDataSource data file. Can I switch that off? If so,
(2) What is the typical encryption method used in OFBiz? Does anyone have
an example entry that defines a TenantKeyEntityKey entity?
I did check the Multitenancy page on the wiki, but that does not seem to
contain any change as compared to when I visited it last.
Any help will be much appreciated !
Kind regards
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