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NetBeans News, a newsletter for the NetBeans community Issue # 413

Subject: NetBeans News, a newsletter for the NetBeans community Issue # 413
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 06:26:58 -0400
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<title>NetBeans Weekly Newsletter, Issue # 413</title>
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<div id="letter">
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                <div id="issue-date" class="bold">
                                Issue # 413 - Oct 21, 2009
        <div id="content">
                                <div class="item">
href="";>Last Chance to 
Vote for NetBeans Governance Board</a></h2>
                                                <p style="margin-left:8px;">
                                                The NetBeans Governance board 
is a three-member board whose main task it is to make sure that the NetBeans 
project is being run in a fair and open manner. <a 
more about the nominees</a> and then <a 
href="";>cast your 
votes</a>! The voting period runs through midnight, Wednesday, October 21 in 
the last time zone. The results and the new board will be announced Monday, 
October 26.</p>
                                <div class="item">
href="";>OSUM Hosts Global 
NetBeans Demo Fest!</a></h2>
                                                <p style="margin-left:8px;">
                                                Are you a student or an 
educator? Join the Open Source University Meetup (OSUM) community and 
participate in the month-long NetBeans Demo Fest! Visit the OSUM site and find 
scheduled demo events. Gather your developer friends and watch (or show) cool 
demos of the NetBeans IDE in action. OSUM has prepared a series of webinars to 
introduce you to the IDE, and to train you on how to conduct a NetBeans demo if 
you would like to host a session.</p>
                                <h1>Project News</h1>
                                <div class="item">
href="";>ALM Plugin with 
Support for Mercurial and Git</a></h2>
                                                <p style="margin-left:8px;">
                                                A group of open source 
enthusiasts and Intland Software continue to develop the NetBeans ALM 
(Application Lifecycle Management) plugin. This plugin integrates NetBeans with 
codeBeamer 5.4, Mercurial and Git. The team invites feedback from everyone, and 
encourages the NetBeans community members to join the project on JavaForge. The 
release is scheduled for January 31, 2010.</p>
                                <div class="item">
href="";>NetBeans for PHP: 
Formatting and Indentation</a></h2>
                                                <p style="margin-left:8px;">
                                                Petr Pisl recently gave a 
presentation at the WebExpo 2009 in Prague. He spoke about developing web 
applications, and the audience showed a lot of interest in his PHP demos. After 
the session Petr collected all feedback in a newly created Issuezilla task. If 
you recall any issues (for example if the formatting or indentation in the PHP 
editor doesn't act as you'd expect) help us track them down by adding your code 
sample to the list.</p>
                                <div class="item">
href="";>Working with Maven 
in NetBeans 6.7.1</a></h2>
                                                <p style="margin-left:8px;">
                                                In this article, we will look 
at the support for Maven in the latest NetBeans IDE 6.7.1. Maven is an 
excellent tool, much appreciated for its ability to help harmonize and 
standardize build practices within an organization. Learn more about creating 
and working with Maven projects, and managing the POM file and dependencies.</p>
                                <div class="item">
href="";>Video: Carol 
McDonald demos RESTful Web Service</a></h2>
                                                <p style="margin-left:8px;">
                                                This Pet Store Catalog 
application exposes a catalog as a RESTful Web Service for remote client 
applications, and shows an Ajax client which gets and displays the Web Service 
responses in a dynamic Ajax table (Dojo grid). By Carol McDonald</p>
                                <div class="item">
href="";>Video: PHP 
Namespace Support in NetBeans IDE 6.8</a></h2>
                                                <p style="margin-left:8px;">
                                                This screencast demonstrates 
code completion for PHP 5.3 namespaces in NetBeans IDE 6.8. It also shows the 
user how to change the options for PHP namespace code completion and other PHP 
editing features.</p>
        <div class="edited">
        This issue was brought to you by: Ruth Kusterer<br/>If you do not want 
to receive this newsletter, you can <a 
href="";>unsubscribe here</a>
        <div class="edited">
        Available languages<br>
| <a 
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 - traditional</a>
        <div id="footer">
                <div id="footer-text">
                                This newsletter is accessible also at  <a 
<img src=""; 
height="1px" width="1px"/>
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