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Re: Split Pane -> Getting equal pane sizes

Subject: Re: Split Pane -> Getting equal pane sizes
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 00:42:29 -0800 (PST)
Just thinking about is it going to be easier to do some hand coding. Check
the main panel size, then half then assign value to setDividerLocation(int
appleGuy wrote:
> Hi,
> yes ive tried to make both sides have panels that are the same size and
> positions etc. Still doesnt seem to work.
> How to you define the divider as static, what does it mean?..Does it mean
> I cant change the divide by hand. If so I want to do this, but keep the
> proportions (equal at start of window) the same all the way through a
> resize.
> Cheers
> Alex
> David Beer-2 wrote:
>> Hi
>> The only thing I can suggest is that have a panel on either side which 
>> is the same size. set the location of the divider and make the divider 
>> static. I can't remember the exact settings but this is the only way I 
>> can think of to do this.
>> The proportion of each side depends on the data on each side of the 
>> split pane, text area verses list. Also consider different layouts to 
>> get the desired effect you want.
>> Thanks
>> David
>> appleGuy wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Currentlt when I resize a pane, the bottom pane changes size and the top
>>> stays static (unless I use the handles on the pane)
>>> How do I get it so there is exactly a half and half vertical split
>>> always
>>> between the 2 panes, even when I resize the window
>>> Many Thanks
>>> Alex
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