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Subject: Re: =?x-gbk?q?Re=A3=BARe=3A__PdfReader=2Es?==?x-gbk?q?electPages__=26__PdfCopy?=
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 18:36:14 +0200
Op 18/04/2011 17:48, [email protected] schreef:
Thank you for your information. I did download the samplechapter6.pdf available on line but just dont know how to combine the selectPage() and pdfStamper.
See my previous answer.
Listing 6.17 on page 179 answers your question!
Benefiting from Server Virtualization: Beyond Initial Workload 
Consolidation -- Increasing the use of server virtualization is a top
priority.Virtualization can reduce costs, simplify management, and improve 
application availability and disaster protection. Learn more about boosting 
the value of server virtualization.
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