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Re: Error: Unbalanced begin/end text operators sinceiText 5

Subject: Re: Error: Unbalanced begin/end text operators sinceiText 5
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 17:23:04 +0200
alrts wrote:
> ... and moreover, if you have experience with ColumnText(), and you look at
> my very first example, the one which actually was running for years, it does
> not contain any BeginText() and EndText() on the level of ColumnText(). To
> my knowledge, this is valid iTextSharp coding, and runs flawless on 3.1.1,
> and still produces this mismach error. Very strange indeed.
We can't fix what we can't reproduce.
Moreover: your code may have been executed without error in the past,
but the resulting PDF probably had an error (that was ignored by Adobe
Provide a complete standalone example that reproduces the problem.
Your code snippet was not a standalone example; you didn't copy/paste
it from something that worked because you had the Document.Open() at
the wrong place.
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