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Re: Error: Unbalanced begin/end text operators sinceiText 5

Subject: Re: Error: Unbalanced begin/end text operators sinceiText 5
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 15:38:47 +0200
alrts wrote:
> Paolo, 
> the code is huge and difficult to supply. In the meantime, I could generate
> the same error at the ContentByte level. Here it is obvious that something
> strange is going on:
> document = new Document();
> document.Open();
> writer = PdfWriter.GetInstance(document, pdfFile);
It would be very strange if this worked.
You're opening the document before creating the writer.
I don't think this is your code sample.
> I switched back to 3.1.1 and get no error.
Maybe not, but your PDF has an error.
The "Unbalanced begin/end text" exception makes sure
you don't create PDFs with that error.
> Please help!
You need an EndText() for every BeginText(), and vice-versa.
Somewhere in your code, you have a BeginText() but EndText() is
never reached. Or you have an EndText(), but there wasn't a
BeginText() to begin with.
You CAN NOT reproduce that error with your code snippet.
Try this example:
Does it work?
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