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Re: AcroFields - Combo-box elemnts update

Subject: Re: AcroFields - Combo-box elemnts update
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 12:34:13 +0530
I am sorry if I sound stupid; from where I can download the version which contains th setList method?
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Subject: RE: [iText-questions] AcroFields - Combo-box elemnts update
It's ready. It's in Acrofields and here's the javadoc:
public boolean setListOption(java.lang.String fieldName,
                            java.lang.String[] exportValues,
                            java.lang.String[] displayValues)
Sets the option list for fields of type list or combo. One of
exportValues or displayValues may be null but not both. This method will
only set the list but will not set the value or appearance. For that,
calling setField() is required.
An example:
PdfReader pdf = new PdfReader("input.pdf");
PdfStamper stp = new PdfStamper(pdf, new
AcroFields af = stp.getAcroFields();
af.setListOption("ComboBox", new String[]{"a", "b", "c"}, new
String[]{"first", "second", "third"});
af.setField("ComboBox", "b");
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