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Re: Test cases that are inconclusive

Subject: Re: Test cases that are inconclusive
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 10:34:29 +0300
On  0, Linus Tolke <[email protected]> wrote:
> The alterative solution would be to just have two set of tests, one that
> are runnable without the window system and one that is not and run them
> both when a window system is available and just the one of them when it
> is not but this is a lot more complicated since we then risk to forget
> running some of the tests some of the times.
  I think that if you won't be able to get window system working
  via tool like Xvfb, as Scott suggests, the best way is to divide
  your tests into two groups. You can mark each test class of particular
  group either using a specific prefix (like GUITest) or use subclassing
  or similar mechanics. Appropriate test suites can be created 
  automatically, basing on these marks (using either test class names 
  or reflection).
  Using this approach, you won't forget to include specific tests
  in to your test suites.
  Just 2c.
  With kind regards,
Kirill Maximov aka KIR
[email protected] |
St.Petersburg, Russia
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