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Error using JMagick

Subject: Error using JMagick
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 16:47:11 +0100
Hi JMagick list
I have a problem running JMagick on linux using JMagick 6.2.6-0 with 
ImageMagick 6.2.6-8.  When the interface is called it crashes Tomcat and this 
error is printed in the catalina log:
java: magick/memory.c:553: RelinquishMagickMemory: Assertion `((*((size_t *) 
(memory)-1) & (~0x01)) % (4*sizeof(size_t))) == 0' failed.
String: Rectangle 0 0 64 64
String: Rectangle 0 0 64 64
Can anyone help with this problem?  I was thinking that perhaps I'm using the 
wrong version of ImageMagick, if this is the case is there anywhere I can get 
the correct source version?  6.2.6-8 is the closest available from SourceForge.
many thanks
Mike Evans
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