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Help regarding java API using JNI for JMagick

Subject: Help regarding java API using JNI for JMagick
Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 09:13:46 +0530
I have a requirement to manipulate image size, provide animation for given
set of images, towards that i am planning to use ImageMagick library. My
code currently runs in java in a container environment and my application is
also threaded. My app runs on Linux ( RHEL4.x)
Given this i am not sure which approach is better, would like to hear others
comment towards the same. ImageMagick provides java API(which internally
uses JNI to invoke IMageMagic native implementation) and also command line
utilities, w.r.t JNI
1. Is the underlying native library re-entrant, thus making the JNI wrapper
thread safe?
2. Is it stable enough (to avoid crashing the JVM)?
3. Are there any performance issues due to JNI?(Images in my app context are
typically 2-10MB)
Thanks in advance,
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