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Re: Auto Ticket Creation

Subject: Re: Auto Ticket Creation
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 13:50:21 CST
Hi, you are close to doing what you need, but it sounds like you've missed a 
couple of things in the handler configuration.
When Jira catches an email, it will try to match the senders email address to a 
user within Jira.  If that person doesn't exist, then it looks at the 
mail-handler config to tell it what to try next.  By default, the options are 
"do not create a new user to cover this" and "there is no reporter".  So Jira 
can't handle your incoming email yet.
Have a look at 
and specifically, look for the paragraphs near the bottom starting with 
reporterusername (you could use this to have the reporter as a fixed "dummy" 
account) and createusers (which would auto-create new users on email).  I think 
you're more interested in reporterusername.
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