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Re: In which area do you think Jenkins is better than TeamCity?

Subject: Re: In which area do you think Jenkins is better than TeamCity?
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 05:06:09 -0700 (PDT)
As a local Gerrit admin and big fan of 'pre-tested' commits, I'd just
like to pitch in here.  Pre-testing is a very important feature for me
and my team.
Gerrit is very good at what it does, and the Gerrit Trigger plugin for
Jenkins is a really excellent integration of Gerrit with Jenkins.  The
Gerrit Trigger plugin was a major reason (probably *the* major reason)
why we switched to using Jenkins, although there are certainly others.
However, Gerrit is not without problems, and we have just started to
switch to GitHub and pull requests, which are similar in terms of
continuous code review.  The big thing that we're now missing is a
Jenkins plugin with those simple pre-tested commit features.  So far,
there is no equivalent for GitHub pull requests, which has been one of
the major reasons that my team have continued to use Gerrit for so
I recently noticed that this plugin is in development:
The author, Monty Taylor, has confirmed that it will be an integration
for GitHub pull requests to support pre-testing.  Since the Jenkins
source is hosted on GitHub, I would think that this is of some
significance to Jenkins contributors too!  Monty said he's expecting
to have a version ready in a month or so, so it's not available yet
but hopefully it's not too far off.
So my point is that pre-testing with Jenkins is (hopefully) not
limited to Gerrit users - hopefully it will soon be available as part
of a simple workflow with GitHub.
On Jun 27, 4:56 pm, "Nord, James" <[email protected]> wrote:
> For some things you actually need client support or features in the SCM .
> Trying to do pre-tested code reviews with subversion for instance will just 
> get your local client in a big mess - or you just can't use the native tools.
> Teamcity does this with IDE integrations AFAIK so you can not longer use any 
> old IDE (e.g. Notepad2) and the VCS tool you like (e.g. Collabnet Svn)
> (be it graphical integrated with the ide or command line).  If you are happy 
> with this restriction then you it will probably work for you - but it will 
> never be as good as something fully integrated into the source workflow like 
> gerrit (just because all the tests pass doesn't mean it is good to go for 
> instance!)
> /James
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> Sent: 27 June 2011 16:42
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> Subject: Re: In which area do you think Jenkins is better than TeamCity?
> Gerrit, as I read what googling finds me, only works with Git.
> Lee
> On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 9:06 AM, Swindells, Thomas 
> <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
>  wrote:
> I'd point out that with the Gerrit integration you can get pre-tested commits 
> and personal builds on branches with Jenkins pretty easily.
> Similarly the server side code inspection just seems to be what 
> PMD/Findbugs/checkstyle/static analysis plugins provide (particularly when 
> you are using maven) - unless I've missed something.
> Similarly when using maven it provides the test results at the end of each 
> module - though it sounds like team city may be even quicker than that.
> Thomas
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> Subject: Re: In which area do you think Jenkins is better than TeamCity?
> One of the most powerful "features" of Jenkins is that there is no limit to 
> the number of jobs, the number of slave nodes, and the number of master nodes 
> you can configure for the same software price, $0.  The JetBrains licensing 
> is also very generous for a commercial product (free server edition, up to 3 
> client agents free, enterprise edition only $1999, client agents only $299 
> each), but because it is a commercial product, there comes a time when you 
> must pay for additional capacity.
> The continuous integration systems I've operated have been for a small, 15 
> person team, and for products with hundreds of developers.  In both those 
> configurations, I would not have been able to use the TeamCity Server Edition 
> because it only allows 3 client agents and 20 jobs.  TeamCity Server Edition 
> does allow each developer to run their own server with TeamCity Server 
> Edition, so it does allow the notion of "personal continuous integration" 
> that I like very much.
> JetBrains creates great products.  We love ReSharper and consider it an 
> essential companion to Visual Studio.  IntelliJ is a leading commercial Java 
> IDE in a field of open source IDE's.  I'm confident TeamCity is a great 
> product, since their other products like IntelliJ and ReSharper are great 
> products.
> When I look at the TeamCity feature list (I'm not a TeamCity user), I think 
> the most interesting features in their feature list are:
> - Pre-tested commits
> - On the fly test reporting (which I suspect means that it starts showing 
> test results in the job as soon as test output arrives, not at the end of the 
> job)
> - Personal builds on branches (Git, Mercurial)
> - Server side code inspections
> - Visual Studio plugin
> Mark Waite
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> Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 4:12 AM
> Subject: In which area do you think Jenkins is better than TeamCity?
> Hi all.
> I'm currently trying out some CI servers, and I would be interested if any of 
> you could point out some features of Jenkins where you think that Jenkins is 
> actually superior to Jetbrain's TeamCity ( 
> product.
> I'm not asking for a full fledged comparison, but I thought it might be 
> interesting to hear if there's any stuff Jenkins does (a lot?) better than 
> TeamCity, although TeamCity does seem to have more bells & whistles.
> cheers,
> Martin
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