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Re: In which area do you think Jenkins is better than TeamCity?

Subject: Re: In which area do you think Jenkins is better than TeamCity?
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 09:59:09 +0200
Martin B. <[email protected]> / *Sent:* Friday, June 24, 
2011 4:12 AM:
    I'm currently trying out some CI servers, and I would be interested
    if any of you could point out some features of Jenkins where you
    think that Jenkins is actually superior to Jetbrain's TeamCity
    ( product.
    I'm not asking for a full fledged comparison, but I thought it might
    be interesting to hear if there's any stuff Jenkins does (a lot?)
    better than TeamCity, although TeamCity does seem to have more bells
    & whistles.
On 24.06.2011 14:27, Mark Waite wrote:
One of the most powerful "features" of Jenkins is that there is no limit
to the number of (...) The
JetBrains licensing is also very generous for a commercial product
(...) but because it is a commercial
product, there comes a time when you must pay for additional capacity.
The continuous integration systems I've operated have been for a small,
15 person team, and for products with hundreds of developers. In both
those configurations, I would not have been able to use the TeamCity
I do not mind the base costs of the Server edition, so number of 
users/projects ain't a problem.
BUT maybe you (or someone else) could comment whether you think the 
number of 3 (three) included agents is sufficient.
At the moment our "howgrown" setup here only has one "agent" and I'm 
wishing to scale to one more at the moment, so 3 seems ample.
Given the administrative overhead of server boxes here where I work and 
the fact that (atm.) we neither wish to go cloud nor can see any decent 
VM setup on-site coming: I think I'll be happy with 3 agents for quite a 
What do others say? How many slave nodes make sense (in Jenkins)?
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