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Re: Why are version numbers so complicated?

Subject: Re: Why are version numbers so complicated?
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 14:22:06 +0100
Your approach is almost perfect I think.
The jdom2 artifactId is useful and correct.
The rest is all a matter of ordering right?
isn't maven saying that 2 < 2.1 ?
So the first version of 2 should just be 2?
That would be my guess.
Le 17 mars 2012 à 14:01, Rolf Lear a écrit :
> Hi all
> I am getting (trying to get) things all nicely tidied up, organized, and 
> automated for the JDOM2 releases. But, one thing I have not yet sorted out is 
> the version number(s) for the 'final' JDOM2 release.
> Here are the factors that influence the decision:
> - the site is the official release site for all things JDOM.
> - The site is going to need to have both versions (1.x and 2.x) 
> available simultaneously.
> - maven has version number requirements
> - maven has some automated processing for dependency management
> - Technically the Java package is org.jdom2, not org.jdom
> - 'in my head' I have JDOM 1.x and JDOM2
> - there is an established tradition for JDOM 1.x
> - there is already some sort of 'consistency' for JDOM2
> - I anticipate there to be relatively routine releases for JDOM2 as new 
> features are added and existing bugs fixed. I want it to be easy for new 
> versions to be pushed out, and I want to be able to tell people 'just get the 
> latest version' if there is a problem.
> About the maven requirements: maven has a hierarchy of resources. At the top 
> of the hierarchy is a 'group'. We are the 'org.jdom' group. Each group 
> releases 'things', which in maven speak is an 'artifact'. Each artifact has 
> versions. For example, there is the group 'org.jdom', with the artifacts 
> 'jdom', and 'jdom-contrib', and it so happens that there are the jdom 
> versions 1.1.2 and 1.1.3, as well as the jom-contrib version 1.1.3. There is 
> no special 'maven' reason for the version number jdom 1.1.3 to match 
> jdom-contrib 1.1.3.
> I have also recently added the jdom2 artifact id for the last couple of JDOM2 
> beta releases. The reason I added jdom2 is because maven dependencies can be 
> automated, where maven users can say 'I want to use the latest version of 
> org.jdom artifact 'jdom'. I don't want people who expect to use JDOM 1.x to 
> suddenly start getting JDOM2. But, I also needed to test whether I can do the 
> releases to maven, and to make sure that the releases work. Finally, maven 
> has an ordering for versions. It is logical, and systematic, but it means 
> that, if we want to use use the two artifacts (jdom and jdom2) that I have 
> already created, we need to keep in mind that the first available versions 
> for them are 1.1.4 and 0.0.5 respectively.
> So, thinking ahead to the first full JDOM2 release, should it be:
> JDOM version 2
> JDOM version 2.0.0
> JDOM2 version 1
> JDOM2 version 1.0.0
> JDOM2 version 2
> JDOM2 verison 2.0.0
> Additionally, should I push the JDOM2 release out to the 'jdom' artifact on 
> maven-central, or should I push it to the 'jdom2' artifact? (it affects the 
> options for version numbers).
> Anyway, the point is that I am wholly uncertain as to what the 'right' answer 
> to this is. Does anyone have any suggestions, notice anything I have missed, 
> etc?
> Thanks
> Rolf
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