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Re: [DISCUSSION] Content for 1.2

Subject: Re: [DISCUSSION] Content for 1.2
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 23:02:24 -0400
I'd like to see the itests framework with atleast a basic suite of
tests go into v1.2.
On 7/15/06, Matt Hogstrom <[email protected]> wrote:
Its time to start defining the content of what everyone is planning on doing 
for 1.2.  The biggest
change so far that I'm aware of are the refactoring of OEJB by Dain and the 
Maven 2 work done by
JDillon, Prasad, Anita and others.  Not too much content from an end-user 
perspective.  I think
DJencks was doing some work on pluggable JAAC as well.
In the spirit of kicking 1.2 off can you post to this thread the things you'd 
like to get into 1.2?
   I've heard many folks indiciate that the community would like to time box 
releases so they don't
go on forever so to kick it off I'd think development through the end of August 
(that's when we'd
branch) with a release toward the end of September sounds about right.
Here's a strawman format for the ideas with my 2c in there.
Proposer        Description
Hogstrom        Improve tomcat, Jetty and Connector instrumentation
Hogstrom        SPECjAppServer Performance improvements.
Let the games begin...

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