Mambo Developer Rebuts Charges

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Date: Sep 21, 2004 - 10:14 AM
"A programmer has rebutted an accusation that he contributed proprietary software to an open-source project called Mambo, while his accuser has moderated his legal threats.

Programmer Emir Sakic's rebuttal, posted Saturday, said the code he wrote for a company called Furthermore was derived from existing open-source code and thus could not be made proprietary. Also, he said the specific code written for Furthermore was not what he later contributed to the open-source project.

Brian Connolly, president of Furthermore, hired Sakic in 2003 to create a new feature for the open-source publishing program called Mambo, which Furthermore intends to use to start a business hosting newspapers' Web sites. The feature improved Mambo's ability to look like a newspaper page."


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