KOffice 1.3.3

Software / Release
Date: Sep 20, 2004 - 12:20 PM
" The KOffice team is happy to bring you the third bugfix package that builds upon the previous 1.3.x versions, with many fixes, mainly in the core libraries and in some filters. But there is also a fully new and complete translation for KOffice: Welsh."

From the list of changes:

The following summarizes the major changes and bugfixes to the KOffice Suite since the release of KOffice 1.3.2.

* New: Welsh (cy), complete translation

KOffice Libraries

* Support MS-DOS EPS files directly without stripping them internally.
* Display errors when the part cannot be loaded - e.g. due to an undefined symbol. This fixes the long-standing "program exits with error code 1 and no warning" problem.


* Fixed initial active tab in the opening dialog, to also remember when "Open Recent File" was used last.

KoText library features (shared between KWord and KPresenter):

* Fixed date format not available for some date variables (#82198)
* Match words to auto-correct in a case-sensitive way to allow entries to have upper case letters. (#80376)
* Do not use a different size for bullets/numbers in front of paragraphs starting with bold or italic.
* Fixed copy/pasting of lines containing tabs (not all lines would be pasted) (#88297)
* Indic/Malayalam support, with thanks to Rajeev J Sebastian.

All Applications

* Fixed handling of remote KOffice files in Konqueror.
* Fixed race condition when using dcopstart.


* Fix all 3 style menus for any translation (#61007)
* Fix loading of tabulators in old KWord documents (part of #73351)
* Restart numbering starting a new list (#68927)


* Fix #74091 (Fix special paste from cell with formula)
* Fix "Expense Report" template (#86732)
* Fix untranslatable strings in function descriptions (#69604)

KWord's OOWriter export filter:

* Fix generation of spaces (Bug #86561)

KPresenter's OOImpress import filter:

* Fix crash when we load presentation background page
* Import help line
* Import animation order
* Import setting
* Import transparency for object

KPresenter's OOImpress export filter:

* Export settings into settings.xml (Snap drawing line)
* Fix generate list of picture
* Export transparency attribute
* Fix header into content.xml

KSpread's OOCalc export filter:

* Fix save manifest.xml into META-INF/
* Implement save settings into settings.xml (active table, cursor position)

KSpread's GNUmeric export filter:

* Fix writting (#66983)
* Generate UTF-8
* Fix export of sheets with more than 255 rows or columns (Variant of bug #75781)

KSpread's MS Excel import filter:

* Fix generating numbers, especially if the decimal symbol is a comma (Bugs #75783 and #86216)

KSpread's CSV export filter:

* Fix export of sheets with more than 255 rows or columns (Bug #75781)

KSpread's HTML export filter:

* Fix export of sheets with more than 255 rows or columns (Variant of bug #75781)


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