Linux blunder Down Under could land MPAA in court

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Date: Sep 20, 2004 - 08:30 AM
Ha! Ha! "The movie industry body's search for illegal files has led it to make false accusations against Linux Australia - a move that could end in a lawsuit

Linux Australia president Pia Smith told Builder AU the MPAA had issued Linux Australia with a notice of claimed infringement demanding the group cease providing access to two copyrighted movies -- one called "Grind" and the other "Twisted" -- and ordering it to "take appropriate action against the account holder".

However, the files in question had nothing to do with those movies. The file entitled Twisted is a download of the popular framework written in Python and Grind refers to a download of Valgrind, a tool for developers to locate memory management.

The MPAA has no legal rights over this software."


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