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Python: Python 2.3.4 (release candidate 1)
Posted May 13, 2004 - 08:52 AM
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"We're happy to announce the release of Python 2.3.4 (release candidate 1) on May 13th, 2004. This is a bug-fix release for Python 2.3 that fixes a number of bugs, including a couple of weakref bugs and a bug in pickle version 2. There are also a number of fixes to the standard library, and some build fixes - see the release notes for details.

A final release of Python 2.3.4 should be available in about a week, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong.

Python 2.3.4 supersedes the previous Python 2.3.3 release.

No new features have been added in Python 2.3.4. The 2.3 series is now in bugfix-only mode."


From the release notes:

"Core and builtins

*Bug #858016: isinstance() and issubclass() can have their second argument be a tuple whose nested depth is capped at the interpreter's recursion limit. Raises RuntimeError if the limit reached.

*Made omitted callback and None equivalent for weakref.ref() and weakref.proxy(); the None case wasn't handled correctly in all cases.

*Fixed problem where PyWeakref_NewRef() and PyWeakref_NewProxy() assumed that initial existing entries in an object's weakref list would not be removed while allocating a new weakref object. Since GC could be invoked at that time, however, that assumption was invalid. In a truly obscure case of GC being triggered during creation for a new weakref object for an referent which already has a weakref without a callback which is only referenced from cyclic trash, a memory error can occur. This consistently created a segfault in a debug build, but provided less predictable behavior in a release build.

*Fixed a bug in object.__reduce_ex__ when using protocol 2. Failure to clear the error when attempts to get the __getstate__ attribute fail caused intermittent errors and odd behavior.

*fixed: if a file is opened with an explicit buffer size >= 1, repeated close() calls would attempt to free() the buffer already free()ed on the first call.


* Bug #876278: Unbounded recursion in modulefinder
* Brought platform.py in line with the 2.4 version, fixing support for newer Windows versions and a cache issue.
* Bug #950057: itertools.chain() and itertools.cycle() now handle exceptions immediately instead of waiting until the input source is updated.
* Bug #931848: Fix _sre.CODESIZE on 64-bit machines in UCS-4 mode.
* Bug #938076: Consider output encoding in XMLGenerator.
* Bug #936637: Properly delegate startElementNS in saxutils.XMLFilterBase.
* Bug #944082: Empty passwords in urllib2 are now supported.
* Bug #926075: Fixed a bug that returns a wrong pattern object for a string or unicode object in sre.compile() when a different type pattern with the same value exists.
* Bug #924361: Properly support normalization of empty unicode strings.
* Fixed a caching bug in platform.platform() where the argument of 'terse' was not taken into consideration when caching value.
* Bug #920575: A problem that _locale module segfaults on nl_langinfo(ERA) caused by GNU libc's illegal NULL return is fixed.
* Bug #883604: Fix Lib/test/test_strftime.py to escape characters from locale time values that might be mistaken as regex syntax.
* Bug #700055: .pth files can now have any type of line endings.
* Patch 817379: Allow absolute ftp paths in urllib2.
* Patch 711838: Support non-anonymous ftp URLs in urllib2.


* The Windows installer now includes tix, the Tk Interface eXtension, a powerful set of user interface components that expands the capabilities of your Tcl/Tk and Python applications.


* Bug #929689: Don't define _XOPEN_SOURCE on UnixWare 7.1.4."
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