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PHP: PHP 4.3.9
Posted Sep 23, 2004 - 11:59 AM
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"PHP Development Team is proud to announce the immediate release of PHP PHP 4.3.9. This is a maintenance release that in addition to over 50 non-critical bug fixes, addresses a problem with GPC input processing. This release also re-introduces ability to write GIF images via the bundled GD extension. All Users of PHP are encouraged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

From the changelog:

"* GPC input processing fixes.
* Implemented periodic PCRE compiled regexp cache cleanup, to avoid memory exhaustion.
* Fixed bug with raw_post_data not getting set.
* Fixed a file-descriptor leak with phpinfo() and other 'special' URLs.
* Rewritten UNIX and Windows install help files.
* Updated PCRE to provide better error handling in certain cases.
* NSAPI: added "bucket" parameter to list of non-php.ini-keys of php4_execute for doing performance stats without warnings in server-log.
* Fixed leap year checking with idate().
* Fixed strip_tags() to correctly handle '\0' characters.
* Fixed funny forking effect in FastCGI when PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN was not set.
* Fixed bug #30050 (Possible crash inside php_shutdown_config()).
* Fixed bug #29882 (isset crashes on arrays).
* Fixed bug #29753 (mcal_fetch_event() allows 2nd argument to be optional).
* Fixed bug #29727 (Added missing CURL authentication directives).
* Fixed bug #29719 (fgetcsv() has problem parsing strings ending with escaped enclosures).
* Fixed bug #29607 (highlighting code with HEREDOC produces invalid output).
* Fixed bug #29599 (domxml_error segfaults another apache module).
* Fixed bug #29594 (Use PHP's own tmpfile() implementation).
* Fixed bug #29581 (Typo inside php.ini comments for mysql.trace_mode).
* Fixed bug #29493 (extract(array, EXTR_REFS) misbehaves with elements referred twice or more times).
* Fixed bug #29443 (Sanity check for wbmp detection).
* Fixed bug #29369 (Uploaded files with ' or " in their names get their names truncated at those characters).
* Fixed bug #29349 (imagecreatefromstring() crashes with external GD library).
* Fixed bug #29333 (output_buffering+trans_sess_id can corrupt output).
* Fixed bug #29226 (ctype_* functions missing validation of numeric string representations).
* Fixed bug #29209 (imap_fetchbody() doesn't check message index).
* Fixed bug #29116 (Zend constant warning uses memory after free).
* Fixed bug #29114 (Potential double free in php_stat).
* Fixed bug #29075 (strnatcmp() incorrectly handles whitespace).
* Fixed bug #29049 (array sorting via user function/method does not validate it).
* Fixed bug #29038 (extract() with EXTR_PREFIX_SAME prefixes empty strings).
* Fixed bug #29034 (wordwrap() returns a boolean when passed empty string).
* Fixed bug #28974 (overflow in array_slice(), array_splice(), substr, substr_replace(), strspn(), strcspn()).
* Fixed bug #28897 (ibase: -1 returned as -0.000 for 64-bit scaled int).
* Fixed bug #28879 (Implicit/Explicit array creation inconsistency when using Resources, Arrays, or Objects as indices).
* Fixed bug #28878 (Setting of inikey's in obj.conf fails).
* Fixed bug #28868 (Internal wrapper registry not thread safe).
* Fixed bug #28818 (Apache 2 sapis do not export st_dev).
* Fixed bug #28800 (strings beginning with "inf" improperly converted).
* Fixed bug #28723 (Fixed mbstring config.m4 to work on OSes where test command does not support -e parameter).
* Fixed bug #28692 (\0 in Authenticate header passed via safe_mode).
* Fixed bug #28670 (WWW-Authentication header mangling with PCRE in safe_mode adds extra spaces).
* Fixed bug #28668 (glob() does not work with relative paths on Windows).
* Fixed bug #28649 (Proper glob() return value on Linux when there are no matches).
* Fixed bug #28633 (sprintf incorrectly adding padding to floats).
* Fixed bug #28627 (When multiple MySQL links are used default link is leaked).
* Fixed bug #28525 (gmp_powm() does not work with hexadecimal string modulo represented as a string).
* Fixed bug #28512 (Allocate enough space to store MSSQL data).
* Fixed bug #28466 (mbstring_convert_variables() array separation problem).
* Fixed bug #28175 (Allow bundled GD to compile against freetype 2.1.2)."

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