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Mono: Mono 1.0-RC1 Released
Posted Jun 28, 2004 - 08:48 AM
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"Mono Beta 2 has been released. See our Release Notes, or go directly to the download page."

From the Release Notes:

Novell is proud to introduce the second Beta release of Mono, an open source implementation of the .NET framework for use on Linux, UNIX and Windows System.

It includes a C# compiler, an implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure and two stacks of APIs: a UNIX, Linux, GNOME, Mono stack for APIs that takes the most advantage of your UNIX server and desktop and a set of APIs compatible with the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 that provides support for ASP.NET (web services and web forms), ADO.NET and many other components.

Incorporating key .NET compliant components: a C# compiler, and a portable execution system (that includes Just-in-Time and pre-compilation support), the Mono Project:

* Provides a superior development environment for writing Linux applications with unprecedented productivity.
* Allows developers to write rich client, web services and server-side applications and deploy them on Linux, Solaris, MacOS X, Windows NT/XP and various other UNIX systems on a variety of architectures.
* Delivers tools that facilitate the creation of product APIs and SDKs that are language independent across multiple operating systems.

Current Users

Mono, in addition to running many of the existing .NET software (or popular software adapted to it like Nant, Nunit and Ngallery) also is used elsewhere.

It is being used internally at Novell to develop:

* iFolder 3.0: a file system that provides synchronization, peer-to-peer sharing and metadata handling.
* Beagle/Dashboard: search tools for the desktop.
* F-Spot: a photography management application.
* Extensibility for the Nautilus file manager and hooks into iFolder.

Outside of Novell, Mono is being adopted by vendors such as:

* SourceGear which relies on it to run its Vault application on Linux,
* the ASP.NET engine for OpenLink's Virtuoso database,
* Voelcker Informatik uses it to provide services to the City of Munich, and
* Mainsoft uses it as the foundation for the Visual Mainsoft for J2EE product.

It is also being used by the community for various projects:

* MonoDevelop an IDE based on SharpDevelop adapted to Linux.
* The Nemerle functional language, and
* The Gnome Fax program.
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